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WTF is Narrative

Practical, real-world techniques to turn your "reporting" into "storytelling."
This workshop deconstructs the elements of narrative storytelling to explore different ways of telling great stories. You'll learn interview questions that will encourage your subjects to "speak in story" and be introduced to techniques that will help you shake off old habits and embrace a newer way of doing things.

Perfect for newsrooms and podcast teams who want to "speak the same language" when working on narrative projects.

Available in 1-hour, 4-hour or multi-session versions.

Does your team already know the basics of narrative? Great! I can design a training course to suit your needs.
WTF is Narrative
host training

Voice Coaching and Host Training

Getting comfortable behind the mic takes time, but I can make it easier.
Some people are born to be behind the mic. And then there are the rest of us...

Whether you're preparing to record your first batch of narration, making the switch from reporter to host, or simply want to get better at something you're already doing, I can help.

I have coached dozens of reporters and hosts, and my goal is always the same: I won't try to change you or make you sound like someone else. Instead, I'll help bring out your most authentic voice.

Story Editing

Let me be your second set of eyes ...and ears.
Good story editing doesn't just look at grammar and word choice. Good story editing examines structure and pacing, use of tension and stakes, foreshadowing, signposting and making sure every story reaches a satisfying conclusion.

Ideally, story editing begins before a story is written. I can help make sure you're going into your interviews with a plan that sets your story up for success. And when it comes time to write, I can help you organize oodles and oodles of tape into an ideal story structure.

Of course, if you want me to come in at the end and help you improve on what you've already done, I can do that too.
editing and story structure
improve your podcast
Show Design and Evaluation
How do you make your program stand out above the noise?
According to industry stats, there are close to a million active podcasts in the market. No wonder it's so difficult to find and maintain an audience.

The key is making sure that the show you're creating is something an audience actually wants to hear.

Whether you're in the design phase, the piloting phase, or have an existing show you think could be better, I can help.