Don't Take My Word For It!
Kavita Pillay
Host, Subtitle podcast
I could go on at length about how WTF is Narrative transformed my production process and how Karen has some of the sharpest ears in this business, but for the sake of time, here's an anecdote: at HearSay, in a workshop on how to do non-narrated work, I shared Karen's advice for how to get interviewees to speak in full sentences. This was in a room full of producers and podcasters from around the world, who gasped and spontaneously burst into applause at this simple and ingenious insight. It was one of SO many things that I got out of Karen's class.
John Davidow
Public Radio Digital Leader
Karen Given was the force of nature behind NPR's Only A Game. She did it all. From hosting, to reporting and producing the upbeat, uplifting, stories that were the hallmark of this public radio favorite. On air, Karen is a warm, authentic, and welcoming presence that connects well with the audience. As the show's executive producer, Karen led an enormously talented team to deliver consistently great shows week after week. She's a gifted narrative journalist who tells stories with heart, humility and humor.
Susan Valot
Award-winning radio journalist and podcast host
Karen is one of the best editors I've ever worked with, period. She upped my long-form narrative journalism game, teaching me a new way to organize my long stories so I would not be overwhelmed with having so much sound and so much interview tape that I didn't know where to begin. Any show or outlet should be knocking on Karen's door to grab her when she's available because she will make the content you create 1,000 times better.
Brad Turner
Executive Producer, Audio Innovations Studio
Colorado Public Radio
Karen's WTF is Narrative course gave me a clear, succinct way to take my reporting and producing experience and adapt it to longform audio storytelling. She covers everything from smart interview techniques to structuring a complex story. It's a smart, inspiring half-day training at any stage in your career. I've probably sent 20 people -- including reporters, producers and editors -- to her course since then.