WTF is a Showrunner?

I get asked this question a lot!

In public radio and other legacy institutions, this person is often called the "executive producer."

It's the person who shepherds the project, provides vision and insight, creates the storyboard, hires and mentors freelancers, edits rough drafts, manages the production schedule and makes sure the project comes in on time...and on budget.

If you have an idea and you need someone to help you make it happen...I just might be your person.
  • The Negotiators: The Afghan Impasse
    Releasing in 2024, Season 4 of The Negotiators will explore 20 years of failed attempts to negotiate a peace deal in Afghanistan. Each episode will focus on one particular phase of the talks.
  • Hosted by Pulitzer prize winning investigative reporter Sara Ganim, Believable followed the story of a German woman who claimed to be a victim of sex trafficking. It was one of The Atlantic's top 25 podcasts of 2023.
  • The Long Game highlighted stories of courage and conviction on and off the field. It was a finalist for a 2022 Ambie and was shortlisted for the 2023 Sports Podcast Awards in Diversity, Equality & Social Impact.
  • Summer of Gold
    My official title was writer/producer, but I did many of the tasks that usually fall to a showrunner. Summer of Gold was a 2022 Nominee for the iHeart Media award for Best Sports Podcast.